Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 29 | Creative Day

Prompt: What's your inspiration?

*Both Stephanie and I are professional photographers outside of this creative project. Today Stephanie will not be joining me in the prompt as she has a birth to photograph. Instead we have created a few printables for your own journals or inspiration walls.  Please visit DOWNLOADS.

Annetta | Inspiration is another form of being a light to the world. Matthew 5:14


  1. I have only just stumbled (through HeartHandMade UK) upon this beautiful blog of two very talented women. You both have so much beauty and creativity that it is inspiring. Wish you all the success and happiness.x

  2. Scopro solo ora il tuo meraviglioso blog pieno di tutte le cose che amo!!!

  3. Hi There, I have just come across your blog and it is beautiful! so refreshing to see different and gorgeous ways to be creative :) I am definitely going to be following and hunting down on instagram! Thank you so much for such a lovely download, I will pin it up in my studio for sure!


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