Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5 | Earliest Memory

Prompt: Tell me about one of your earliest memories. Write down anything you can remember.

Stephanie | One of my earliest memories is of me at 4 years old. My mom was pregnant with my brother. I remember sitting on the floor of our apartment, my hand on my moms belly, singing "You Are My Sunshine" to my baby brother. 

Now I have two girls of my own. When I was pregnant with my youngest Shealynn, my oldest Syrianna would sit on my lap, hand on my belly, and sing "You Are My Sunshine" to her baby sister. Anytime Shea is in need of comfort, Syri will sing to her and it calms her right down.

Annetta | I remember my earliest childhood memory at the age of two. It was the summer of 1985 when my parents dropped me off at my grandmothers for the summer, we lived in Estonia and she lived Ukraine. I basically spent the whole summer there while my mom gave birth to my youngest brother and adjusted to a life of four kids. During that summer I didn't really miss them much, from what I recall. You see my grandma lived in a country village, we ate outside during our meals as there was a summer kitchen and they owned a beautiful swing made by my grandpa. The only time I missed my parents was when I was bored and that was during nap time or when the meal didn't taste so great. I also loved my grandma's chickens and berry patch, I would eat all the berries and hide. Most of my memories from Europe are from that summer. 

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