Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15 | What Makes You Happy

Prompt: In no particular order, fill a double page spread in your journal with a list of people, things, and places that make you happy.

Annetta |                                                      My Life Recipe Index
beautiful light, my house, sunshine, my morning cup of coffee, exploring new cities, confidence in myself, surprises from hubby, GOD, love, a good & healthy dinner, having healthy food, going antique shopping, naps at home, flowers & roses, road trips with hubby, being creative, having a good relationship with my husband, my husband, my son , my family, beautiful friendships, nature, walks in beautiful places, creating beautiful & inspiring art!


Stephanie | Thunderstorms, Sun, My girls, my family, my pets, the Seattle skyline, surprise flowers, watching birds hop around, magazines, journaling, sleeping in, vacations, quilts, antique shopping, wine, coffee, plants, hubby, barns, owls, getting my hair done, pedicure, instagram, date nights, crafting, pinterest, ferry boats, BBQs, getting fun letters in the mail, music, photography, Mexico, cactus, love notes, the ocean 


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