Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 27 | Improve A Relationship

Prompt:  I would like to improve my relationship with (blank) because.... What are the main problems? What solutions can you think of? What are some good points to the relationship? For example at the worst, this relationship may have taught you about how not to treat other people. What would the benefits of this relationship working better be?


Stephanie | The relationship I wish I could improve on is with my sister. The problem is this odd and unnecessary feud my mom has put our family in. Since my sister is only 13 and still lives at home with our mom its difficult to have a relationship with her right now. Long story short my sister is still at an age where she is easily influenced to believe things that are not true about me and I am not able to defend myself. It's a loose-loose situation right now, and until she is 18 and able to see things they way they really are and think for herself, there is nothing I can do to mend things. I really miss my sister and love her very much! It kills me that we are losing this time together. I really wish things were different and our relationship wasn't affected by our moms choices and grudges.

Annetta | This may sound silly, but I would love to improve my friendship with my Instagram friends! I've met so many amazing & talented people that I would love to get to know better. I've been trying to keep up with my own family & friends so it's defiantly a goal of mine to broaden my horizons with new friendships & really get to know the people I've started meeting through Instagram. Some days it feels like there isn't enough time to focus on family, work, friendships, house stuff and still reach out to those that I've love to through social media. I now see how balance comes in days in not hours. Every day should have its own task, which includes making time for new friends. 

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  1. This is wonderful information shared in this blog. Now day's it has become very tough for the people to improve and maintain the relationship and relationship circle. If somebody is improving the relationship circle day by day then there cannot be a better thing then this.

    Rajat Sharma


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