Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4 | Happy Jar

Action | Create a happy memories jar. Any empty glass jar with a screw lid will do. Keep slips of paper small enough to fold up and put into the jar next to your happy jar. Throughout the year note any great moments or events and add them to the jar (as well as noting them in your journal). Then at the end of the year you can tip them out and read to relive the memories or for those days when you are in need of a boost. Spend a few moments going through the memories to cheer yourself up. Then after the year keep the jar on a bookshelf or in a box labeled with the year to build up a collection.

Annetta | I am really excited to have a memory jar this year! I've wanted one for some time, but never made it a priority so it just never happened. Now I get to keep both the little things that made me smile throughout the year and the big things. The jar now sits right next to my computer where you will find me most days. I get to put my first happy memory in it today!

Stephanie | I think this is a great idea, looking forward to pulling out all these great memories at the end of the year. I love that this is something the whole family can do together!

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