Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 | Resolutions

Prompt: Create a list of resolutions you would like to keep over the next 365 days. Write as many as you can. Now circle the 3 that mean the most to you and for each one make a promise to your journal.

I promise to (blank). I want to do this because achieving this would mean (blank). My reward is (blank).

I am fully aware that at times I will break my resolutions but instead of throwing in the towel and quitting, I will quickly get back on track without feeling any sense of guilt or failure.


Stephanie | My 2013 was very unfulfilled. Most of the year was spent in limbo waiting on news about hubby's job and whether we were moving out of state or not. Things were so unpredictable and I felt so limited in my creativity, time, and finances that doing anything for me was not a priority. This year I have several areas in my life that I wish to improve on, I separated them into different categories:

Home   paint walls, add shelving/storage, add plants/ferns, organize closets, organize garage, create school station, dog run/side-yard, hang family pictures

Self   patience, plan/routine, no drama, self portraits, me time/relax, marathon, read more

Garden  plant roses, hydrangeas, wildflowers, peony, succulents

Family   meal plan, pay debt/save, increase playdates/outings, cleaning routine, family pictures, camping, mini vacations

Work    blogging e-course, promote self, 365 project, instagram 1x day, create shooting station, make backboards, floral friday competition, submit to magazines

Marriage   date 1x month, shared activity, express appreciation

My top 3 resolutions are to: 

1. Paint the walls in my house- this will allow me to (after 5 years of living here) to finally feel at home! We have the nastiest chalky primer paint on our walls that, for some reason, our previous owners used. It shows every grease stain, hand print, smudge mark, anything! I haven't wanted to decorate my house until the walls were done, but there was always something that kept us for being able to, finances being a big one. Now that we know this is a permanent home for us for the next several years, we can begin to make it our own, give it personality, clean it up and feel established.

2. Have more patience - I have a tendency to snap quickly and often. This is not a trait I like about my self, along with many, but this effects my whole family. I need to remember that my kids are young and still learning. I need to embrace their messiness and encourage their adventuress behavior. The world can be a cold place, they will find that out on their own soon enough, they shouldn't find it out from me. I want them to think of me as patient, kind, and always there when they need me. My actions now will shape our relationship when they are older, I want it to be a good relationship.

3. Date night - my husband and I never get date nights! In 2013 we had 2 nights out. While they were great they are not nearly enough to keep a healthy relationship. Our marriage has not been top priority in a long time. We are not a bad couple, we just haven't made us the most important, for various reasons. I am always home with 2 small children, and while I love that I get to do that, it's draining and repetitive. I get no time away, no time with my husband, no time to focus on us, to check in on each other. Prioritizing my marriage and strengthening our love is at the top of my list this year!

I've been watching a new-to-me New Years resolution unfold called 'One Little Word'. Last year I wanted that one little word, but didn't end up following through with finding one. This year has been different. I want's going to pick a one little word, but in the end it picked me. For the last new weeks I keep hearing the whisper of 'commit,' that's my word. For 2014 I commit my works onto the Lord!

I've also been struggling with my health since after the birth of my son. This year I say enough is enough! That's means going to the gym as my body needs to get exercise, it means eating even healthier then the year before and it means speaking healing over what God has already healed!

With other important goals that I have, there is one that's important, but you wouldn't think it was. I am committing to reading more this year. I want to devour books and magazines articles. The books I plan on reading will be about creativity, leadership, & inspiring novels. I used to be a reader, but in 2013 I didn't finish a single book that I started.

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