Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 174 | June Mail Day

Share what you received from June Mail Call.

Stephanie | We hand delivered our mail day packages this month. It was great to visit in person with my wonderful friend. My beautiful surprise from Annetta was just perfect, as always. She picked out the cutest little items for me to use as props in my pictures. A matchstick box designed like a vintage envelope, an adorable notebook with stunning camera illustrations, a teeny tiny chalkboard and a pale pink plate with a floral design. All of them so perfect!

Annetta | I pretty much love my mail day this month! I actually loved it so much that I used all the cute little embellishments that Stephanie gave me for my journal pages before I could even photograph them, luckily she was so kind and blessed me with more. Okay, how cute is that little typewriter box?! I also am so inspired by the tissues. Love everything about this beautiful hand delivered mail day.

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