Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 154 | 5 Good Things

Prompt: Tell me 5 good things about today or yesterday.

Stephanie | 1. painted and hung shelves in the girls room 2. found cute plants to decorate the shelves 3. woke up to baby kisses and snuggles 4. picked fresh roses from my garden 5. picked up two books on homeschooling that were on hold at the library. 

Annetta | 1. Going to Creative Live for a Q&A with Kari Chapin the author of Handmade Marketplace 2. Actually cleaning the house and doing laundry (something to be proud of) 3. Sleeping in until 8:30am 4. The sun coming out to play here and there 5. Getting some much needed work done

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  1. I completely adore your style and your writing! You are an inspiration.


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