Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 165 | Health & Body

Prompt: Fill a double page spread (or more) in your journal of images and words that will help motivate you with your health and fitness goals. Include foods you would like to eat more of and any activities you want to do to improve your fitness. Avoid including any unrealistic body inspirations.

Stephanie | My goal is to continue to add more veggies, fruits, and berries into my diet. To eat more earth based foods and cut out processed ones. To continue with my vitamins and adding water. To be more physically active doing things I enjoy doing. To eventually to be happy with who I am and how I look, not to be ashamed of myself all the time, even if I never reach supermodel skinny. To transform my body and my mind into something healthy and positive.

Annetta | Ever since my son was born I've been struggling to keep my weight up and staying positive about my health. There always seemed to be something going on in my body that I would complain about. Just within this month I've really started working on becoming a healthier me. Instead of just taking my vitamins on and off, I plan on being consistent in taking them daily. I've also changed my eating habits, but still have many area's to improve like eating more fruit and less sugar in my tea/decaf coffee. I've stopped drinking coffee and have a caffeine beverage only once a week. I'm also planning on being more constant in going to the gym to strength my muscles. I've also been speaking health and wholeness over my body instead of the issues I'm faced with. I am getting my health back and will be ready for when I'll have the honor of having more kids.

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