Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 169 | Relationships

Prompt: Describe your relationships with your closest family members.

Stephanie | My family is very small. I have a good relationship with my brother, we have always had a special bond. Now that we are both adults, we don't talk often, but we have always gotten along. Until recently I would have said I had a great relationship with my mom, but it currently doesn't exist, and neither does my relationship with my sister. She is still young and lives with mom, so keeping that connection is tricky at the moment. Because of the issues there, my relationship with my brother and grandmother have actually gotten stronger, we have bonded over this time and have strengthened those connections. I would say I am closest with my grandma. We just get each other and we have an easy non-complicated relationship that I love. We are a lot alike and we get along so well. I have always felt loved and respected by her. My kids have a great connection with her as well which is very important to me.

Annetta | In my family my mother and I have been super close. Of course since I've married we don't share the same relationship as my husband is the closest to me. Today was her birthday and I got to take my mom out for breakfast and dessert. She is an amazing and selfless mom. I am beyond blessed to have her as my mommy!

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