Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 160 | Working On

Photography Prompt: What are you working on today?

Stephanie | Today was spent working in the kitchen. We finished painting some walls and touched up others, its almost complete which makes me very happy. We also installed new light fixtures in the front entry way and had hopes to hang new shelving in the kitchen, but we ran out of time and our kids had decided they had been patient enough all day. Overall it was a very productive day.  

Annetta | I'm a leader for the Seattle Pursuit 31 group, which is a photography group for Christian women. I set up bi-weekly meetups, stylized sessions and retreats for all the beautiful local photographer ladies. Tonight was Girls Night Out! I got to step away from my studio this evening and hang out with some of the most loving and inspiring ladies I know. I'm not sure getting to hang out with beautiful talented ladies is classified as work, but this is how I spent a big portion of my day and I do work hard to make sure my group has time to connect with one another.

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