Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 172 | Childhood Toy

Prompt: What was your favorite childhood toy? Describe it in detail. What did it do? What memories does it bring back? What adventures did you share?

Stephanie | Some of my favorite childhood toys were my drowsy beans doll, care-bears, my popple, and a baby doll I names 'Green Eyes'.  I liked to play 'house' a lot as a kid, my dolls as the babies and I as the mommy.

Annetta | I was a Barbie girl, so much so that I played all the way up to high school if not even many months into my high school years. You see I loved Barbies, everything about them was wonderful to me. After school I would come home and play for hours. I'd make my friends play even once they grew out of it. One reason I played so late in my age is because I had younger friends, some were even 10 years younger than me. When in the world of playing Barbies I could be anything! The main roles I stuck with was being a singer, actress and dancer.

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