Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 164 | Vacation Day

Prompt: Tell me about a vacation or a day out you enjoyed. Where did you go? What did you do? Add a photo if possible.

Annetta | Aside from going to Europe to see family, one of my favorite trips was when we drove up the California coast with my husband, son and mom. My favorite part was stopping often to take pictures or to explore the beautiful surroundings as we were in no hurry to get back home. I just love to look through those images as I only have the best memories from that trip. We went to the Redwood Forest in Big Sur, which was just so magnificent! I realized that I love road trips where you can stop to explore where you are, to take the time to just breath, photograph the things I see, eat the yummy food along the way and just to be. I want more of those kinds of trips in my near future.

Stephanie | Last April my family drove from Washington to California for a wedding. We spent the week there visiting with family and while we were there we spent the day as a family exploring San Francisco. I have always wanted to ride the trollies and cross the Golden Gate Bridge. We were able to do both of those things for the first time all together. The sun was shinning bright and a nice breeze was blowing through the whole city. It was beautiful and fun and we had a great time all together just the 4 of us. It was defiantly a perfect day for me, an adventure I can cross off my bucket list. I hope to be able to go again when the girls are older so they can experience it all again and we can see more.

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