Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 155 | 5 Images

Prompt: Share your day in 5 images.

Annetta | Photo 1 - After dropping my son off at preschool I went to Anthro and came across these cute shoes for sale that will be my shoes while in Europe for three weeks this summer. I also treated myself to breakfast at Evolution. Photo 2 - I usually cross stitch while my son is in preschool and today was his last day. Photo 3 - Started using my new mug from Anthro the moment I got home and of course styled at picture for Instagram. Photo 4 - Spent some time with my son in his preschool workbook. I plan on working with him throughout the summer in kids workbooks so that he continues to learn and has something to do. Photo 5 - My studio and piles of work. I'll be in my studio the rest of this day working on editing, watercolors and of course this journal. There will be plenty of tea for me!

Stephanie | 1. My sweet babies having a cute moment together and actually letting me take their picture 2. Cleaning out vases of dead roses left me with pretty rose heads and petals 3. Lunch quesadilla turned pizza wrap, tortilla, cheese, tomato topped with greens the folded in half 4. My cross stitch project that's almost complete 5. Scored a ton of fresh roses from the abandoned house down the street.

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