Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 159 | Through The Eyes Of A Child

Action: Give a child you know a camera and let them take photographs of anything they find interesting, stick a few of your favorites into your journal. Or give them a blank sheet of paper and some pens/crayons/paints and stick their works of art into your journal.

Stephanie | I just loved this prompt, and so did my Syri. I let her use the camera on my phone and wander around the house and outside, even when we went shopping. The top picture is of some petunias she found when we were at the store. The bottom one she styled all on her own with some lace, my cup of spoons, and a bouquet of peonies, complete with sister reaching out to touch them, precious!  

Annetta | My son loves taking pictures especially with one of my camera's. When I give him a camera he usually photographs the way I do. This time, I had no idea he was taking pictures of me. This is me in my studio as I'm working. I'm sure he sees this view often, but it's also my reminder to get off the computer, get out of the studio and just be with him. I did that this whole weekend and only sat down to get this journal out. I pray that he doesn't only remember the days I worked, but those moments I had to work, but gave the time to him instead.

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