Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 153 | Advice To A Child

Prompt: If you could give one piece of advice or self-belief to every child, what would it be and why?

Stephanie | I think children should grow up believing that they are loved and they are beautiful. I think children don't hear it enough and the older they get its said less and less. I think people make a lot of bad decisions in life because they don't believe they are loved or that they are beautiful, they try to fill that void and usually seek it through the wrong avenues. 

Annetta | Every child is loved whether they know it or not as God's love is great. Every child needs to grow up feeling loved. I'd also tell them to never give up on themselves or their dreams and what they need is already inside of them, they just have to discover it through the ups and downs of life.


  1. Love your blog and the idea of posting an entry each day. I featured you in my blog today....

    1. We are so honored to be featured along with so many gorgeous journals! Thank you!


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