Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 146 | Memorial Day

Prompt: Share your interpretation of the flag or share what Memorial Day means to you. * Free Download


Stephanie |  Memorial Day is about honor, respect and remembering those who gave their life for this county. Being a military wife I take this day seriously and make sure I pay my respects. This year my family and I went out with some of our other military friends and participated in the Wear Blue : Run To Remember 5K. We walked the race but we had a great time supporting each other and the community and remembering those fallen soldiers. I don't personally know anyone who lost their life so I raced in honor of all the families who have lost or who love a service member. After the race I was able to make it over to the Memorial Day service on Ft. Lewis just in time for the cannon fire. Going to the cemetery on post has become my Memorial Day tradition. I usually bring flowers to leave at the headstones but I ran out of time and was unable to do that this year. I love and am so grateful for my military family and my husband who serves our country, I am a proud military wife!

Annetta | My view of Memorial Day is different then anyone else's. In 2006 while my brother was serving our country he lost his whole family and house. Because of that alone I see Memorial Day as spending it with loved ones for so much was lost when my brother's family suffered. I make sure to spend the day with my family, to be very thankful for the time that I have with them. I do not forget all the fallen soldier that have died for a free country. I spent the whole day with my husband and son exploring Central Washington. Thank you for those people, including my brother, who have served this country!

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