Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 140 | Home Sweet Home

Prompt: Tell me about your childhood or current home; take me on a tour in vivid detail. Even add a rough sketch of the layout.

Annetta | I used to never have a house I enjoyed being in, nor could I ever decorate it beautifully. This all changed for me the past few years when I discovered my eclectic style. I love putting things together that don't match, but a lot of pretty things that don't match. I currently love my house. It's cozy, pretty, inspiring and a place I love to call home. My mom lives with me so we just use the upstairs, which gives it that cozy apartment feeling.

Stephanie | I honestly don't like my home, its basic and builders grade. I am in the process of several home renovation projects in hopes to make my house a home, a place where I feel relaxed and inspired. 

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