Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 132 | Leap Of Faith

Prompt : Tell me about a time when you took a big leap of faith or change of direction in your life.

Stephanie | My greatest leap of faith and change of direction in my life was getting married.  We only knew each other for a total of 6 months before hand, which was all long distance, he was set to deploy, and I just found out we were expecting. That was not at all how I pictures myself getting married, if I was to even marry at all. It was a situation and I never expected to be in. Marrying some one I barely knew was a giant leap of faith, but I was the best decision I ever made.

Annetta | There have been many changes and leaps of faith in my life. One of my major life changes came after I had married my husband, but it came slowly though, but altered me in a beautiful way. I had no idea that my marriage would take me on a beautiful journey to discover who I really am.  I've always thought I was a great person & I was, but I had to discover who God had made me to be. My husband believes in personal growth therefore I grew, made mistakes and am still growing. This is the journey that does not end and the changes are at times made in great strides. (Sorry if this made no sense, in my brain it does, lol.)

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