Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 137 | First Job

Prompt: Tell me about your first job. What did you do? How much were you paid? Who did you work with? What were they like? Did you have to wear a uniform?

If you haven't had a job yet write about a list of 'first jobs' you would like and why.

Stephanie | My first job was right out of High School working as a sales associate for The Bon Marche. I worked there for 1 and a half years. I started out rotating through the different departments and random schedules before I landed a permanent spot in the juniors section. I worked register, putting items back, the fitting room, and with loss prevention. I made friends with all my co-workers and we had a great time working together. I was there during the strike and transitioning from The Bon to Macy's and after I left this location, I worked at a Macy's in Arizona for a bit.

Annetta | The first paid job that I had was being a babysitter. I was a good one in my opinion. I cleaned up the messes the kids and I created, played with the kids and stuck to the parents rules. People hired me and I made some good money for a while. Being a babysitter was no big deal back then, I knew I could trust myself to watch and love the kids, but now that I'm the mother hiring a babysitter, it tough! 


  1. Love that journal page <3 I'm still at my first job - I don't really have a proper job title but I mostly do all the web stuff at a small business. I got quite lucky but I'm pretty over it now...



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