Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 134 | Compliment

Prompt: List some of the compliments you can remember receiving, big and small.


Stephanie | Some of the best compliments I have received are when someone loves my work. I am so critical about my work so its nice when others love it. I like hearing that I inspire others, knowing that people are working on their dreams and projects because something I did inspired them to do so. I think the best compliment I could ever receive is from my babies, saying "I love you" and calling me "the best mommy ever".

Annetta | The highest compliment I can receive is from my husband. He knows me better than any person, the good, bad and the ugly. When I get a compliment from him I really treasure them. He often tells me that he is very proud of me for some of the things I've done. It's so good to hear as I also hear the things I need to improve on often. A recent compliment he has given me was saying he was proud of my for not giving up on a certain project even though I really wanted to, he was proud that I stuck to my commitment and will see it through. I am so thankful for those compliments I receive from him!

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