Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 125 | What's In Your Bag

Prompt: What's in your bag?

Stephanie | My purse, more often than not, looks like a small diaper bag. I have been able to condense down and only need a few items at all times. I recently cleaned out my bag, so it was much cleaner than I expected, today I found: 1 pair of sunglasses (it was 3 yesterday), a highlights magazine for my oldest daughter, both girls health records, 2 suckers, 1 pull-up, 1 pack of baby wipes, 3 granola bars, 4 fruit leather snacks, my wallet, 1 pack of gum I didn't know I had, a headband, 1 twist tube water enhancer, my car keys, my phone, and an old banana peel.

Annetta | My bag usually weighs like bricks. No matter how little or how much I stuff in my bag it still weigh too much! In my bag you will always find my Fuji x100, my wallet stuffed with receipts, my iPad, my to-do journal, a book, and a slew of pens. I also carry my cross stitch projects with me in case I have an unexpected moment where I can get a few stitches in. There are many more things in my bag, but these are my staples what go with me everywhere I go.

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