Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 138 | Free To Everyone

Prompt: What things in life do you think should be free and available to everyone?

Annetta | Since owning my own garden & growing my own food I feel like food should be available for everyone or the right to grow their own food without it costing a fortune. I know that that's not the case, but it breaks my heart to know I can eat, grow my own garden while others are left to starve. We have plenty of food that goes to waste in America and plenty of people who could really use some.

Stephanie | I originally wanted to say that I think everyone should have free access to natural forms of healing, like massage and acupuncture. But then I got to thinking about how many people work in that field and rely on their jobs so having that as a free service would not be the right call to make. So I would rather see natural healing methods be more accessible and covered through insurance. Health is important and it bothers me when I see doctors and insurance companies treat symptoms rather that finding cures for ailments and they do so by prescribing pills that have numerous side effects. I wish these alternative methods were utilized first before issuing drugs.

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