Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 142 | Recent Challenge

Prompt: What did you learn from a recent challenge?

Stephanie | A challenge for me lately is keeping up with my photography blog. I have a hard time coming up with different ideas and topics to photograph and write about. I get stuck with the blank page and eventually give up defeated.  With the support of my wise friend, I have learned that I need to seek out inspiration and continue a list of ideas I can write about in the future. I need to immediately write an idea down when I do get one so I don't loose it during my busy days. I can hold onto bit and pieces of ideas until they manifest into a full plan. I have received a book to read about how to get the creative process moving which should help me understand this all better and make it easier for me. I also tend to over do my pages with full text and many pictures. If I don't have that I don't feel my blog is complete. I have learned that I don't necessarily need all of that to make a post. I can keep it simple and keep it consistent. Doing that will make it more manageable for me and I will be more motivated to not only continue posting regularly but it will help keep my creativity going, inspiring new ideas and topics to post about. 

Annetta | My recent challenge has been my schedule. For a while now I have felt overwhelmed with work. I would spend hours working on my projects instead of pouring my time into my family or doing both & then once I actually completed a project I would get another on my to-do list. For over a month it felt like I was on the never ending hamster wheel. Now that I have gotten out of the work wheel by catching up on my biggest deadlines without a traveling schedule on the side, I have learned  that I can take on more than I think. I still so much work to do, but compared to what it was my work is a piece of cake! I can tackle my house, being a mom, wife & daughter while still journaling, blogging, editing, cross stitching and gardening. My challenge grew me!

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