Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 128 | What's On Your Desk

Prompt: What's on your desk?

Stephanie | My desk is small so I like to keep it as tidy as I can. On my desk you will always find my floral box (full of computer wires), my lamp, 2 small plants, my planner (if I haven't moved it around). a few little items and a 1/2 empty cup of coffee.

Annetta | I have many desks around my house. I have a desk that's in my studio that I haven't used in months do to the lack of sunshine and cold light. I'm using one that's in my living room as a drawing/watercoloring table as it's got tons of natural light coming in. Then there is my favorite tiny desk in my room where I have a plant to my left, a vase with flowers and an old vintage tiny oil lamp. There is always something piled on my desk to my left, right now it's a few magazines and my sketchbook. My phone is always with me and of course my trusty laptop. I like my tiny desk over my studio because in the summer months I can see my son playing in our backyard and that makes this mommy heart happy. PS, my watercolor never made it into my journal as it took me all evening to finished it and now it's too late to capture it in my journal. I scanned it instead.

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