Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 124 | Where You Live

Prompt:What do you like about the area where you live?

Annetta | Honestly, I am not in love with where I live, but after 20+ years I am finally embracing it. Living in Seattle means much rain. I do love all the fresh organic produce we get due to this city and climate and the face that I don't have to water my garden every day. The views in Seattle are also something to love and are gorgeous!

Stephanie | Born and raised in Washington, I've lived all over the state. Everything you need is here. A short drive and you can be where ever you want. Beaches, mountains, islands, big city, country, rainforests, sunshine, snow, and rain. You can travel by boat, train, ferry, light rail and monorail. Oregon and Canada are just a hop away. It is such a beautiful state, especially on a clear sunny day and the mountain is out. I love going to the beach and getting fresh sea food after. I love staring at the Space Needle as we drive down I-5. I love riding on the ferry. As much as I hate the rain and grey sky's, and my current neighborhood, I love Washington State. 


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