Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 91 | Ideal Partner

Prompt: Who would your ideal partner be? What qualities do you want in them? What would you offer them? What will you enjoy experiencing together?

If you are in a relationship, what are your partners best qualities? What do you offer them? What would you like to experience together?

Stephanie | Some of my hubby's best qualities are, he is a family man, a provider, smart, a good dad, protective, helps those in need, supports my creativity/dreams, he is giving/generous.  Somethings I hope we can experience together are, our 50th wedding anniversary, an actual wedding ceremony with honeymoon, our grandchildren, our own farmhouse/land, traveling around in an RV.

Annetta | My husband is the sensible one in our marriage. I love so many of his great qualities! He is so full of grace & has such a loving heart!

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