Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 94 | 1 Million Dollars

Prompt: How would you spend $1,000,000 in fun and creative ways if it was handed to you right now? No saving it, paying off debts or donating it. You must spend-spend-spend!

Stephanie | I would buy our dream house and completely furnish and decorate it, complete with full garden. I would buy my hubby a boat, he deserves it. I would get a whole new wardrobe for me and my hubby. Take the family on an amazing vacation together. I would invest the rest into starting up my own magazine.

Annetta | If the money was for fun I have a huge list of what I would do done to getting all the magazine subscriptions I want. I would buy a Tesla for my hubby and a SUV Honda for myself. Get my book self-published. Buy a Canon Mark III and a Contex 645 cameras. Get a new bed mattress so hubby can sleep more comfortably. We'd go shopping for new clothes for the WHOLE family, which includes my mom and brother. Take a family vacation at a warm, sunny beach. I would take all the worships can courses on photography and creativity I wanted! That's just to name a few.

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  1. I can imagine how I would spend 1 000 000 dollars. That is a looot of money! I would buy a big house for me, and another one for my mother, some clothes (that's what we - girls always need ;)), then I would ask my family what they need, and buy it. Oh and amazing trip to hot place is what I need now. Mmmm sounds really amazing!


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