Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 100 | Submit A Prompt

Today marks 100 days of A Year To Inspire.

We want to reflect on our project so far. 

This project of our has been very successful and we have tons of amazing followers and supporters. We love all the nice comments we received and that we have inspired some of you to start your own journals. We would like for our viewers to submit prompt ideas for us to complete throughout the year. So leave a comment with a prompt or question you would like us to complete as a journal entry and we will include them throughout the rest of the year. Thank you!!

Annetta | I've been really blessed with this journal project. It's pushing me in my creative skills that I never thought I had. Working an art journal requires different skills than I own, but now that I am doing it I can see how it was all in my head. There are days when I have a million things to do and don't get to my journal until last midnight. Those days are hard, but it will be worth it when I look back on this project in a few years. I knew that the book we got didn't really have art journaling prompts, but just journaling prompts, which challenged me to think out of the box to make it all artistic. I've made some great discoveries throughout this project. One of my favorites is what a wonderful friend Stephanie is. She is caring, loving and so very helpful! I have enjoyed connecting with her almost daily, my favorite part of the whole project.

Stephanie | My approach and vision to this journal has changed a lot since the start. I originally saw this as more of a typical journal with a focus on writing. It has evolved into a more artistic journal, which I love. I wish I had know the course it would take before hand so I had the right journal through this process. My original journal is so large with lined paper (typical journal) not suitable for watercolors. I have invested in some mixed media books for now, but I can tell they are still not the right fit for me, so I continue to search for the right one. Its been interesting to see what things I create, some I am very happy with, others, not so much. There are days when I just don't have the time to put myself into the journal, and it shows, those are definitely posts I am not proud of but they do show our lives in a way. I love talking with Annetta, on almost a daily bases, I feel this project has helped solidify our friendship, its one I cherish greatly. I love having something creative to do every day, that is something my soul really needs. I am excited to complete 100 days, what an accomplishment! I am thankful for all the supporters and followers, and looking forward to the rest of the year.



  1. Thank you girls for this amazing blog! I like my mornings starting with your post. Keep going! I would loveto see a video with browsing your journal

  2. Prompt:
    I'm obsessed with.....
    10 things that inspire me lately....


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