Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 114 | Assumption

Prompt: Tell me about one assumption that people make about you that is just not true. Why do you think they assume that? How does it make you feel?

Stephanie | People assume that because I am overweight, I over eat. While sometimes I don't always super healthy, I don't eat in excess. People don't know that I typically only eat 1 meal a day. Just because they see me eat my entire meal doesn't mean I eat like that all day long. I am currently on a 'diet', trying to eat healthy and watch calories. I have a hard time reaching my requited calorie intake. I have to force myself to eat snacks and meals throughout the day. I don't wake up hungry, I am not a breakfast eater, I usually don't seek food till late afternoon/evening. What I weigh is not because I take in too much, its because I don't take in enough. I don't like to eat in front of certain people, I really watch what I put in my mouth in front of them, or I make it a point not to eat in front of them. People have no problems judging you without knowing the whole story. I don't see why people feel they need to say some remark if I finish my meal. I have starved myself for days after hearing some comments.I have always been big, I have always had large hips, thighs, and boobs. I have always had trouble finding clothes that fit and feeling good in my body. No one knows the battles Ive gone through and for people to judge me on a teeny-tiny glimpse they see in my life is not fair and it really hurts.   

Annetta | I often wonder what people assume of me. I am not 100% sure, but I think they assume I am not genuine. I am an upbeat person which make it hard to take me seriously I guess or at least at first. They also think that I am much younger than I am. The last part I enjoy, who doesn't like to be told that at the young of 30.

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