Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 111 | High School

Prompt: Tell me about your time in High School. What are some of your best memories? Who did you spend the most of your time with? What were they like? What did you have in common?

What fashion trends and popular crazes swept through your school while you were there? If you had to be defined by one subject in school during your high school years which subject would it of been? What did you want to be when you left high school?

Stephanie | I don't remember too much about High School. I wasn't popular, I wasn't involved in sports, I didn't really fit in anywhere. I had my few select friends and we kept to ourselves. I was known as 'the Beatles girl' because I was obsessed with the band and was always wearing their T-shirts. I wanted to badly to be part of the art rotation but my schedule never allowed for it, so I was a choir nerd instead. All the girls in the class would battle between Nsync and the Backstreet Boys. I didn't follow fashion, I had my own style, complete with purple hair and eyebrow piercing. High School was not my favorite time, i have changed a lot since then but I knew when I left I wanted to be a photographer.

Annetta | Stephanie explained it very well, choir nerd and I rooted for the Backstreet Boys. Unlike Stephanie, I didn't have any real friends in High School. I was on the bottom of the food chain. I got made fun of, beat up and sat by myself during lunch. I could be exaggerating it at this point, but that's what I honestly remember. Stephanie and I went to the same school, I knew of her, but we hanged out in different crowds. When I entered into High School I truly was the biggest nerd, but by the time I left High School I showed potential and have slowly grew into the person I am today. I'm a late bloomer and High School is not kind to late bloomers, but life is. I'm glad that those years are behind me and that I know who I am and whose I am!

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