Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 90 | Five Things

Prompt: Excluding people and pets what 5 things would you rescue from a fire? Why is each so important to you?

Annetta | Memories aside from family & pets will always be my most important thing to take in case of an emergency. I can never relive my memories. Everything else is just that, a thing!
1. My computer 2. All my external hard drives 3. Journals 4. Videos of my family 5. My cameras

Stephanie | 1. My external hard drive (it holds all my photos) 2. My daughters baby blankets. (they are hand made by their Aunt and my youngest most favorite belonging). 3. My handmade quilt made by my great grandmother. 4. Any jewelry from my hubby I am not already wearing. (I hope to pass them down when I die) 5. My filing box of important documents.  


  1. Every single post of your "A year to inspire" is very inspiring for me.. every time I see your journal pages and your texts in them I want to start doing this project too! Do you think I could use your "tasks"???

    I have no idea what would I take from my home, this is such a difficult question! Memories are a very good idea to take.. oh yes :)

  2. Beautiful color and inspiration. Please reveal the paint that you are using for this page. I'm unable to see close enough what the brand is? TY!

    1. Debbie, I am using REEVES Acrylic I picked up at Micheal's. The tube shows their web address: -Stephanie

  3. Thank you! I love the vibrant color and how you used the paint in your journal page. Inspired! Off to Michaels then :)


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