Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 98 | Perfect Day

Prompt: In detail tell me what your perfect day from start to end would be like?

Annetta | I'm always coming up with perfect days in my head. A perfect day spent is always a day with my family. We would start the day off by going to one of my favorite cafe's in Third Place Bookstore. After a slow and relaxing breakfast we would go on a walk around the neighborhood and then go explore the city. After that we would go out for an all organic lunch somewhere in the heart of the city with a great view followed by a much needed nap. Once rested we would enjoy a late afternoon of shopping before going out to eat at a fancier restaurant. After dinner we would end the night with a good movie on the big screen in Bellevue. We managed to have half of these kinds of days, but not yet a full day like this.

Stephanie | I would love to wake up to coffee and breakfast in bed, the sun shinning bright, my kids well behaved. A trip to the beach, fun surprises from my hubby and the kids. Roasting marshmallows on a beach front campfire, a romantic kiss at sunset, watching the stars appear while snuggled under a warm blanket.  

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