Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 110 | Ideal Friends

Prompt: My ideal friends would be....

Stephanie | Supportive, creative, funny, loving, understanding, dreamers, giving, cares for my family, has my back, there for me when I need it, understands my life as a mom and business owner, not friends out of convenience, makes an effort to maintain relationship, loves me, pushes me to be better.

I am truly blessed with the friends I have, I know I can count on them for anything, they are amazing people. I need to find more creative people to surround myself with as well.

Annetta | I want my friends to be beautiful on the inside out, for them to be creative, fun, ones who can make me laugh till I cry, who are able to love and forgive, are positive, able to listen, share & encourage me.

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