Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 118 | My Day Through Instagram

Prompt: Capture and show your day using 1 picture in Instagram.

Stephanie | Today was a family day. We took a ferry boat over to Anderson Island for the first time and explored as much as we could. Despite our best efforts we could not find any beach access points. We did walk through a trail that was muddy and wet in places until the trail was blocked by a fallen tree. Our dog Moose got to run around in an off leash dog park that was also wet and muddy, but he loved it. After driving around for a while, and getting turned around a few times we made our way back to the ferry terminal to head back to Steilacoom. We all got out and walked around for a bit until the youngest had made it clear she was in need of a nap and we needed to make out way home. I was able to snap this shot of a beautiful home overlooking the Puget Sound. This small town has so much character and charm to it, its definitely a favorite place to walk around.  Find my picture on Instagram

Annetta | I was in California over the weekend for a few different reasons. On my way over to LA, I flew and our my way back drove with my husband and a few of our friends. Last night while I was driving I ran over a tire tread from a semi leaving us with no rental, a stay at the hotel and a very delayed drive back home. Instead of cuddling my 4 yr old, I drove 12 hrs home. I am seriously counting my blessings here! We were safe, had a place to stay, got a new rental, got to drive in the day time and I got to enjoy some beautiful scenery, which I normally don't because we drive through the night. My day was nothing grand, but it was good.   Find my picture on Instagram

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