Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 242 | Avoid Or Remove

Prompt: What do you need to avoid or remove in order to improve your life? How do they affect you? How would your life improve if you removed them? How could you make it happen?

Stephanie | One thing I need to avoid or limit is facebook. Unless I am actually connecting with friends or family it doesn't serve much of a purpose in my life. The things people post do not add value to my day. It doesn't benefit me to hear about someones bad day or how they are stuck in traffic. Sometimes it is a nice distraction and break in my day, but mostly I am just collecting junk from their news feed.

Annetta | I need to remove the extra work that I have been creating myself. Whenever I clear my plate and have finished my deadlines I have a really hard time sitting back and enjoying being work free. Instead, I find work to pick-up, create new projects that are bigger then I can chew or pitch a new idea to my magazines editors. I need to slow down and just take life in more then I take on work.

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