Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 228 | Acts Of Kindness

Prompt: Tell me about one of the kindest things you have ever done.

*both of us, without knowing it, had been in the account saving our work at the same time. this resulted in the post being saved but not published. our apologies!*

Stephanie | One time I went to a store and when we parked I noticed the car next to us had been broken into. We informed the staff at the store and they made an announcement over the loud speaker. We continued on with our shopping. When we were done and went back to the car I noticed the cars owner had returned to find her window broken, she was on the phone with the police or her husband reporting the problem. She had two small girls with her. I knew she should be there a while waiting for the police to arrive. Having had my car broken into, I know how much that can shake you up, how violated you feel. I pulled out some juice and snacks from our car and gave it to the little girls. The last thing that mom needed to worry about was her hungry and cranky children.  

Annetta | I believe that kindness isn't in the big things or acts, but in the little ones that go unnoticed by the world, but touches the heart of whom it was intended for. I remember one day after shopping with my son we got stopped at the grocery store in the parking lot by a young man. He said that it was him and his brother, they were hungry and were looking if anyone had spare change so that they can get some food as they hadn't eaten in days. To me, it never matters if the story is true or not, it matters how my heart will react. Instead of giving these teens money I went right back into the store with them and told them that they can purchase whatever they needed for as long as the food would stay fresh. At first they were modest in their choices, but then ended up with a few days worth of food. Walking away I was happy that I had finances to bless these boys with food in their belly, but so saddened that it took I don't know how many people to get some.

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  1. Very touching post. I like to help out in this way as well.


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