Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 222 | Impressed Yourself

Prompt: Tell me about a time when you really impressed yourself.

Annetta | Lately I've been impressed with all the things I've been doing and actually managing to do all of it. Sometimes I think I'm a little bold in taking on so much, but I love everything I am doing and not going to give it up.

Stephanie |  A time I impressed myself was when I gave birth to my 2nd daughter without pain medication. Having a completely natural birth was not in my birth plan, or even my life plan. I was just hoping to have a successful VBAC delivery after having an emergency c-section with my first daughter. I had assumed labor would progress at a normal speed and there would be time for pain management. I only labored at home for 2 hours, 1 of those was still with braxton hicks contractions, my normal contractions I had been having for weeks, the easy, no-big-deal contractions. Upon arriving at the hospital it was known to the nursing staff I WILL have the epidural and there were attempts to put an IV in my arm, because at that point I was only 4cm along, but that quickly changed. I was unable to breathe, or speak, or do anything but hold onto the bed rail for dear life as the contractions peaked one on top of the other. In my head I am screaming for the epidural but there is no strength to form words aloud. I never wanted to be one of those women in so much pain during birth, screaming so the whole hospital can hear me, traumatizing everyone, especially myself. My body began pushing and I was rushed to a delivery room, after a few pushes my baby girl was born. Only 30 minuets after being checked at 4cm. Not only did I have a successful VBAC delivery, I had a completely natural delivery, something I never wished to experience, something I was so terrified to experience. But I did it, and all without screaming. 


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