Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 239 | Expectations and Demands

Prompt: What are some expectations and demands that you have for yourself? Are they fair and realistic?

Annetta | I have many unrealistic expectation of myself, I think we all do. They are both healthy and not all at the same time. My expectations and demands of myself push me to be better, but when not done right they push me to strive. I expect myself to put God first and have quiet time daily while reading a chapter a day from a good book. I expect to be a good, loving and caring wife that's quick to forgive and respect. I expect to be the best mom to my son, one that takes the time to discipline and correct my sons actions when he needs them corrected and love when he needs to be loved. I also expect: -to be a good friend -be a great artist - have a successful business - be a great photographer -have and decorated house -be a designer -blog 3 times a week -shoot in digital as well as film, plus so much more!

Stephanie | I have high expectations for myself. I expect to raise well behaved and respectful children. I expect to home-school my children. I expect to have a happy and successful marriage. I expect to have a clean, organized, and well decorated home. I expect to treat others with respect as I wish them to treat me. I expect to become a good artist and do well in my other creative outlets. I expect myself to do it all, and easily.

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