Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 234 | Turn Mundane Into Beautiful

Prompt: Think of something really mundane and uninteresting to you, now describe in a way that makes it sound breathtakingly beautiful or fascinating.

Stephanie | Mason jar with lemon water: Cold and refreshing, over-sized jar clutched in my hand, light zest of lemon dancing on my tongue. Sweet smell of citrus. This is summer. 

Annetta | Doing the dishes: beautiful dishes getting clean as a fresh breeze blows through the open window by the sink. Window sill lined with greenery next to the dishwasher soap dispenser that came from the cute aisles  of Anthropology. The send of lemon hits your nose as you spritz the counters with your organic cleaner. Kitchen? Done, it is clean and now a place you enjoy your morning cup while listening to the song birds.


  1. Lovely! The lemon slices illustration is beautiful. And is that 'photographie' book a journal/notebook?! If so, where was it purchased?

    1. Thank you :) Annetta got that cute little notebook for me as one of our mail days, isn't it so cute?!! I believe she got it at an antique shop, but I am not positive.


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