Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 223 | Your Style

Prompt: Collect images that represent your style.

Annetta | I generally have two styles. Style one I'm very much into the flowers, white and pastels. When it comes to my style I am very eclectic as I style my house with the things I love whether they go together or not. I think that white ties and all the details very nice. Style two, I also enjoy moody styles and images. I just love moody photography, it just adds so much character to an image

Stephanie | My style is very random and eclectic. I don't have a set theme or color I am drawn to. I just like what I like. No set rules or boundaries. I love the soft floral vintage look, the rustic country lodge look, the industrial feel, the bright colorful mexican, tropical, and nautical looks. If I like it and can afford it, I buy it and display it. 


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