Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 231 | When Someone Helped You

Prompt: Tell me about how someone has recently helped you? It could be directly or through a service they created/provided.

Stephanie | I was able to have a date night thanks to my friend’s older daughters. We don’t get to have date nights often (like once a year) because we don’t have sitters. My hubby planned a surprise date night for us and was very sneaky in coordinating sitters. He left work early to drive 45 mins away to pick up the girls. I thought it was odd when I hear him walk in the door early since that was a day he was normally off early from work, he walked into my office with roses in hand and the 2 older girls following behind him, giggling as they just pulled off a great surprise. I was so shocked.

Annetta | Last month I photographed a beautiful wedding. The more I shoot weddings the more I see that a second photographer is needed to capture all the things I have no time for because I'm focusing on the bigger picture. My friend helped me out and despite her full and busy schedule, she made time to photograph the first half of the wedding and the most important. She's also a HUGE help to me in the photography group I am leading here in Seattle. Thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart!

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