Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 230 | Don't Know About You

Prompt: What is something most people do not know about you? Is it because they do not ask or because you keep it a secret?

Stephanie | I don’t think I have any secrets. I am an open book. If someone wants to know something about me they just need to ask, I don’t just offer up information randomly.

Annetta | I don't really have secrets as keeping secrets about myself is pretty hard. I'm fairly open about my life as my joys and struggles help others. I guess something people don't really know about me is as a little girl, I didn't have much friends. I spent most of my days playing by myself in the woods behind our apartment. Living with 3 brothers and being the only girls took its toll sometimes, but I would find the peace I need in my kingdom through the woods. I remember my church 'friends' would all go to each others birthday parties, but I was never invited. That part of my childhood was really hard on me and it went well into my teens. I played Barbies with my 10 year old friend while being a Sophomore in high school!


  1. lovely spreads, as always. Annetta, what brand/type of journal are you using here? it is a unique size.

    1. I wish I knew what brand because it's coming to an end and I want another! I bought this journal at Anthropology some years back. They no longer carry it and it was on sale (the last one). I've looked through the book many times, but it got nothing in it to lead me. I'm so sad! If I ever find out, I'll let you know.


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