Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 233 | Travel Vision Board

Prompt: Fill your journal with pictures of places you want to visit. Find images online or cut out from magazines. Free travel brochures are a good source of images. Fill the pages with the sight you want to see, places you want to relax, etc.

Stephanie | I want to travel to tropical places. Places covered in sandy beaches, warm sun, and towering palm trees. I would love to travel all over the world, but tropical locations will always be my first choice for the destination. 

Annetta | This past trip to Europe I got to see Prague, which has been on my to-see list for some years now. Very happy that I got to see it and experience the place for myself. To me, it is quite different then how others portray it to be. I'd love to explore more of it's unpopulated area's, something I got to do some a little while there. Another place that I would love to explore for weeks is Vienna. I'd actually love to explore the whole country side of Austria as I fell in love with it's rolling hills when we passed through it to get to Italy. Honestly, the only places that are on my travel list is anywhere in Europe and Hawaii for obvious reasons. I'm not interested in other countries to explore, but Europe and Australia, it has something to do with me having to take a jumbo jet to get there.

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