Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 273 | Visited

Prompt: List all the places you are grateful for having visited. Add images if possible.

Stephanie | A few places I am thankful for visiting include: Disneyland with my choir class (2001). Mexico with my Gramma (2001). Canada with my choir class, and again with my sister (2002, 2011). Sacramento CA with my hubby (2007). Palm Springs with my hubby and friends (2011). San Fransisco CA with my family (2013).

Annetta | I'm blessed and thankful for visiting a few different states and countries. I've been to  Canada, Mexico, England, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Germany. In the states I go to California every 3 months, I've been to Virginia, Idaho, Oregon, Philly, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Missouri, Colorado, and Utah. I travel more then I ever thought I would. It's both a blessing and a very hard thing for me as you have to take a flight to get somewhere.

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