Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 252 | Current Project

Prompt: Share a project you are currently working on.

Stephanie | My current project outside of the journal is home-school. My oldest Syri just started kindergarten last week today is our 5th day schooling at home. So far the lessons have been easy and we are flying right through them. I am thankful for the easiness of it all right now as we get into the swing of it, but I hope that does change, these lessons are below her, even my 2 year old Shealynn knows this stuff. I am thankful that Syri has been excited about doing the lessons, especially math, and she has been enjoying the school process so far. 

Annetta | I always seem to have some sort of big project I am working on. This my failed external hard drive its been hard to work without all my images that I've gathered over the years, but I still find things to do. Today I worked on painting a few notecards for a group I'm part of called Pursuit31.  It felt so good to paint again as I haven't watercolored in many weeks. There are some seasons where I take breaks from my crafts and it's always such a joy to pick them up again.


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