Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 266 | Kindness Received

Prompt: Tell me about any acts of kindness you have received. How do you feel when someone does something kind for you?

Stephanie | I am constantly being showered in kindness by my dear friend Annetta. She has helped me in so many ways, whether its buying me lunch, supporting and encouraging my work, listening to my troubles on the phone, spoiling me with antique store treasures, so sharing her wisdom and love to help push me to become a better wife, mother, artist. She shows so much kindness and generosity, I hope that I can learn from her and share that same kindness to others. 

Annetta | I've received many acts of kindness and when I receive them, I feel valued. Hence why giving it out to others is so important. Everyone need to know that they are valued and you show them through ask of kindness.

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