Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 264 | Delicious Foods

Prompt: Make a list of all the delicious foods you love to eat but wish they could magically be as beneficial to you as eating fruits and vegetables.

Stephanie | I have a sweet tooth, so I wish sweets and other treats were as healthy as fruits and veggies. 

Annetta | I wish cakes were as healthy as fruits and veggies. Honestly, I LOVE veggies and I eat way more of them then fruits. I also used to really dislike cakes until recently, so it would be awesome if they were healthy. I could eat a slice of cake a night!


  1. Stephanie and Annetta, your work here is so inspiring and beautiful. I'd love to see the whole year in a book and flip through it...

    1. Melanie, we would love that too!! We have talked about making that a goal, we will see.


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