Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 258 | Planning Ahead For A Year To Inspire

Yesterday Annetta and I took a road trip together and hiked Mt. Baker. We stopped along the way to eat some really yummy food, explore a cute antique shop, and paused to take in the beautiful surroundings. We felt it necessary to think ahead for our A Year To Inspire project. Do we continue into 2015? Do we continue exactly how we are now? Can we each commit to another 365 project? Do we stop all together? If we stop, will we lose motivation to keep active in a creative project? Do we keep going but change how A Year To Inspire works? Should we do a sketchbook project?

This has been a great project, we each have grown creatively, and have enjoyed being pushed to learn more about ourselves, but there have been times where we wanted to give up and walk away. This project is demanding of our time, time that we just don't have some days.

We have created quite the following and have been able to inspire so many people, the response we have received has been so incredible. 

So after a long talk we have decided what we would and would not be capable of committing ourselves to and have come to a resolution on what A Year To Inspire looks like for 2015. We will continue into 2015, but the project will be different than our daily journal prompts as we want to explore more creative outlets. We will be sharing more info on how A Year To Inspire will change later.



  1. Stunning photos! I'm looking forward to the new A year to inspire 2015! Glad you won't stop. Love your journaligs :)

  2. I think that it's great that you guys took time to think and to connect. I know that you inspire me to create. I can't wait to see what next year will hold. =]

  3. So glad to hear you will be continuing this project in whatever way fits for you both! I am in awe at the dedication and warmth that comes in every prompt shared. I wish I had found this at the beginning of the year with you but am thankful for the chance to join you even late in the year. I'm enjoying this project so much and am loving that it's getting me creating but especially the reflecting about my thoughts for each one.
    Count me in for the new year, so not ready for it yet, can't wait to see!! Thank you both for including us in this journey and inspiring us daily. HUGS!!


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