Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 272 | Drawing Style

Prompt: In your journal draw something from your home or view from a window. No judging, no erasing lines. Just draw, sketch, or doodle it. No skipping this prompt if your journal is lined, draw anyway.

"Don't screw up your drawings. If I wanted a picture perfect drawing, I would of asked you to pick up a camera not a pencil. Everyone's drawing style is special." -Mrs. Harrison

Stephanie | I drew/painted this plant that sits in the window close to my desk. I picked him up at a thrift shop early this year without a proper description. From what I have found he is a angel-wing begonia. He has yet to flower but many new leaves have opened since I brought him home. I am just so in love with the red/purple/green/brown hues in the leaves, such a pretty plant.

Annetta | I painted my nail polish. I honestly LOVE wonky sketches that are quick, not perfect and artistic. I'm still learning this style because when I draw and watercolor I feel like i need to add every single detail. Not adding too much detail and being artistic with my watercolors is something I want to grow in.

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